4 keys to building muscle fast!

Achieving a top level of fitness is a goal for many aspiring exercise fanatics but, with the overload of information available, and everyone’s theory on how to hypertrophy muscle it’s easy to get lost in the sauce on what one should actually do to build slabs of muscle!

The following is going to be an explanation of how I went from skinny fat to fit and ripped in record time by using key principles that have been in play by some of the worlds greatest natural bodybuilders yet you will rarely ever read about them in any of the popular fitness magazines of today’s pop culture.

If you have done any reading at all then you know that the bodybuilders protocols for building muscle mass is high reps and lighter weight for set after grueling set. But what you may not know is that these monsters you read about in the magazines are not like you and me.  Along with their perfect genetic makeup that makes them a perfect specimen to adapt well in the bodybuilding world they are also on massive amounts of anabolic steroids, insulin, and other hormones that allow them to spend hours in the gym destroying their bodies and be able to fully recover for their next workout the following day. These guys are spending 20 plus thousand dollars a month on synthetic hormones to be able to reach the level of muscle mass you see in their advertisements and article photos. I’m guessing that is not the same protocols you are using so why in the world would you be following their training program? Good question right?

So how does the natural lifter reach their genetic potential without overtaking their body or injecting thousands of dollars of drugs into their bodies? Keep reading to find out.

The the four key components to muscle building are simple but if not applied correctly can lead to limited and unsatisfactory results


The first key is stimulation. When your in the gym you are there for one reason, to stimulate muscle growth, you do this by lifting weights, heavy, hard and with maximum intensity. There is no reason to spend hours in the gym trying to build muscle it doesn’t happen in the gym. We only apply the stimulation to the body to recognize the need to grow our muscles to accommodate the continued abuse we will be putting it through each progressive workout.


Next is nutrition and this is a just as important as the stimulation proccess. As we break our muscles down in the gym we need to be certain that we are supplying it with the bricks and mortar to build those muscles back up. We do this by ingesting macro nutrients in an excess to give ample calories to assist in muscle repair and growth.


Too often overlooked is the aspect of resting and recovering. Our muscles cells and fibers are broken down when we are applying resistance training to stimulate muscle growth in the gym. It is the time outside of the gym when we resting, eating, and sleeping that those muscles are growing.

We must ensure that we are getting ample amount of sleep, and spending enough time away from the gym to allow our bodies to properly recover from the stimulation process that we just applied to our muscles. As a natural lifter that is simply trying to add as much muscle as possible 4 days a week of hard, heavy, intense lifting is more than enough to provide ample amount of stimulation for growth. The other days are what I would consider recovery or growth days. These are the days that your body is growing and repairing itself.

The last key to muscle growth.


Now let’s assume your stimulation process, nutrition, and recovery are all on point and your looking to maximize the benefits of these three principles. It is time to look into supplements to get the best bang for your buck. Now there is a lot of junk out there that is hyped to the max but there are also some really good options available to push your progress to the next level. Be sure to do your research on any supplements you might be interested in before spending your hard earned money. I will be listing three of the supplements that have withstood the tests of time and are all but guaranteed to improve your performance and physique.Weight gainers are a perfect addition to your diet in cases where eating enough food to recover doesn’t fir into your schedule.  with the busy schedules we live today getting enough time to eat large meals to increase muscle mass is not always easy.  With a shake that is loaded with protein, carbs and fats to stimulate muscle growth you can up those calories with ease.

Creatine has been around since the early 70’s and has been a staple for adding muscle ever since.  Now there is a lot of misconception about the use of creatine and how it works but we wont get into that as of now.(stay tuned article coming soon on creatine) a simple 5 gram dose a day is all it takes to start reaping the benefits of added mass and performance with creatine.


Pre- workouts are another great addition to your supplement list.  Long grueling days at work make it difficult to leave nothing behind in the gym.  Now there are a list of benefits that are associated with most pre-workouts on the market today, depending on their ingredient list, however energy is their main focus.  A good pre-workout will help to push you through he workout giving you maximum muscle stimulation from your session.


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